Hyundai's range of SUVs are built for durability, performance and comfort.


Introducing Eco: a future where our Electric, Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid and Fuel Cell vehicles all contribute to a cleaner tomorrow.


Perfect for urban explorers, every small car in our range is fun, zippy and full of personality.


High-performance sports vehicles engineered to deliver maximum driving pleasure.

People Movers and Commercial

From the iLoad van to carry a pallet’s worth of cargo, our range is ready to tackle all your big, little and in-between jobs.

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Online all the time

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Bartons Motor Group is all about that personal touch, and our Digital Dealership is the prime example of that standard. We have Bartons staff members online 24/7 to help you will all your dealership needs.

You can reach our online team by activating a chat in the pop-up box in the bottom right hand corner on every page on our website. The same team is available through facebook messenger.

They can help you with

  • Sales enquires
  • Booking in your service
  • Get a quote
  • Arrange a loan car
  • Book in recalls
  • Get warranty work done
  • Arrange purchase of parts and accessories
  • Provide feedback on your experience
  • Put you in touch with the right staff member in the right department